Zipangu - Arita Ware Cup
Zipangu - Arita Ware Cup
Zipangu - Arita Ware Cup

Zipangu - Arita Ware Cup

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Dimension: D9.5cm x H9cm

Fully hand made by Japanese craftsman.


"Zipangu" is a golden vessel that has both luxury and gorgeousness.
It is made with skill of Arita porcelain.
The golden color is not flat, but is painted in a crepe shape to create a luxurious feel.

About Us

We are a Japanese company providing the opportunity to expose to traditional Japan ware Arita-Yaki, which has 400 years of history.

Recently, we open our door to serve globally.

We deliver to all countries and ambitious to become the most famous Arita-Yaki online store. We only sell authentic Japan-made Arita-Yaki that is handmade by Japanese craftsmen.




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