Authentic Japan made

400 years of history

We are a Japanese company providing the opportunity to expose to traditional Japan ware Arita-Yaki, which has 400 years of history.


Arita Porcelain

Located in western Saga prefecture, Arita is the original home of Japanese porcelain. In the early 17th century, the Korean potter Kanagae Sanbee I discovered a source of kaolin underneath the Izumiyama mountain in Arita, and began firing the nation’s first porcelain. This became known as Arita porcelain, or Arita-yaki.

Arita-yaki became known for its finely painted, vivid decorations in indigo blue, red, yellow, and gold. Arita’s techniques and traditions have been carried on over over 400 years, and even today it is beloved by pottery fans the world over.